simple software solutions

PhotoMagic AI

Program to remove noise from images and upscale photos up to 4 times using Artificial Intelligence. Built-in functions to remove artifacts from JPEG and GIF images. Batch processing. Download

Xelitan Video Player

A straightforward video player. Comes with lots of built-in video, audio and image decoders. Download

Xelitan GUI for Potrace

Quickly vectorize your PNG or JPEG images into SVG format using the power of potrace. Download

Xelitan Hex Editor

Simple hex editor with tabbed interface. Supports templates and unicode filenames. Download

Xelitan Image to SVG

Easily vectorize your PNG or JPEG images into SVG format. Program supports both black & white and full color tracing. Download

Xelitan Hash Calculator

Intuitive hash and checksum calculator. Supports over 160 algorithms. Can easily compare against given hashes/checksums to verify file integrity. Great tool to check if your files are not corrupted. Download

Xelitan PDF Reader

Fast and easy-to-use PDF viewer. Allows users to export embedded images, extract pages to PDF, remove pages from PDF documents and convert to PNG or JPEG images. Download

Xelitan File Finder

user-friendly file finder. Can find files matching given file name or content (ANSI, Unicode). List of files can be exported to various formats (Json, XML, CSV...). Download